Betty Maud Christian Fagan R.O.I., “Adolescence” Pastel on canvas, 77 x 170cm Circa 1910

The picture was bought from Antique shop Perth Road, Dundee, by James McIntosh Patrick, circa 1980, he then did a swapped with his son Andrew McIntosh Patrick, exchanging the painting for a etching, Palace Court by Frederick Landseer Griggs, RA. When the painting arrived in London, much discussion ensued, as to who painted it, Whistler, Conder, was the painter French, or German

A few years later Oliver Impey then at Sotheby’s and later head of Oriental Art at Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (author of several books including “The Silk Road”) visited the Fine Art Society where Andrew McIntosh Patrick was the Managing Director. He met with Andrew Patrick; telling him he understood that James McIntosh Patrick had bought pictures from a dealer who purchased it at house sale of his wife’s uncle. Andrew Patrick agreed to attach a note to the back painting saying; if ever he wanted to sell the painting, he would offer the picture to Oliver Impey first, on the basis that Impey told him who painted the picture. A couple of weeks later Impey and his wife agreed and the painter was revealed to be by Betty Fagan. However Oliver Impey died 2005.

Canvas stamped L. Cornelissen & Son, 22 Great Queen Street, London, WC2L. Established in 1855 and has been trading in London as artists’ colourmen since then. Cornelissen is known throughout the world as a specialist niche supplier of art materials trading from a unique premises 19th Century premises. Provenance: The Andrew McIntosh Patrick collection.